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BIB compatible cisco phones

Following cisco phones support BIB (Built-in-Bridge) feature for call monitoring and recording

Phone ModelSupported Protocol
Cisco 6911SCCP, SIP
Cisco 6921SCCP, SIP
Cisco 6941SCCP, SIP
Cisco 6945SCCP, SIP
Cisco 6961SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7811SIP
Cisco 7821SIP
Cisco 7841SIP
Cisco 7861SIP
Cisco 7906SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7911SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7914 SidecarSCCP
Cisco 7915 SidecarSCCP, SIP
Cisco CKEM SidecarSIP
Cisco 7921SCCP
Cisco 7925SCCP
Cisco 7926SCCP
Cisco 7931SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7937SCCP
Cisco 7941SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7941G-GESCCP, SIP
Cisco 7942SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7945SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7961SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7961G-GESCCP, SIP
Cisco 7962SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7965SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7970SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7971SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7975SCCP, SIP
Cisco 7985SCCP, SIP
Cisco 8811SIP
Cisco 8831SIP
Cisco 8841SIP
Cisco 8845SIP
Cisco 8851SIP
Cisco 8861SIP
Cisco 8865SIP
Cisco 8941SCCP, SIP
Cisco 8945SCCP, SIP
Cisco 8961SIP
Cisco 9951SIP
Cisco 9971SIP
Cisco DX650SIP
Cisco IP CommunicatorSCCP, SIP
Cisco Jabber for WindowsSCCP, SIP
Cisco Jabber for MacSCCP, SIP

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