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Solution Prerequisites

The following are the solution setup prerequisites.

Hardware requirements

A single VM required for NON-HA deployment.

For HA deployment, two VMs are required. Each machine should have the following hardware specifications. The two VMs will be referred by VM1 and VM2 in this guide.

Minimum requirement


4 cores on each VM


4 GB on each VM


300 GB on VM


1 NIC per VM

Following are the prerequisites for setting up Voice recording solution under different deployment profiles. 

Voice Recording Solution

Hardware Sizing

For up to 100 concurrent agents4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD

Software Requirements
System Access Requirements
  • Administrative privileges (root) on the host machine are required to proceed with installation.

(lightbulb) Time Synchronisation

Communication between Voice Recording solution, Cisco CUCM, Cisco IP Phones (BIB enabled) carry timestamps. If the system dates and time are not synchronized the system can produce unpredictable results. Therefore, please make every effort to adhere to the following time synchronization guidelines:

Voice Recording solution, Cisco CUCM, Cisco IP Phones (BIB enabled) should have their Time Zone and time configured properly according to the geographic region and synchronized. To configure the time zone, please see the instructions from the hardware or software manufacturer of NTP server. Voice Recording solution and Cisco CUCM should be synchronized to the second. This synchronization should be maintained continuously and validated on a regular basis. For security reasons, Network Time Protocol (NTP) V 4.1+ is recommended.

Port Utilization

SIP Trunk configuration

Follow this guide for SIP trunk configuration on CUCM

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