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Troubleshooting document

IssueTroubleshooting steps
No new recordings are not available on UI
  1. Check core-recorder docker component logs
     docker ps
     docker logs -f contianer-id
    This command will print out the logs, and place a call, the SIP events should be displayed in logs. If no SIP events are displayed, it means the SIP Client (CUCM) is not sending SIP events. Check if the SIP trunk is properly configured, and recording is enabled on the concerned devices.
  2. Check the Mixer docker container for any errors. If there is errors in this container logs, then consult the concerned developers.
Unable to log in to VRS
  1. Check if keycloak container is up and running. If it is up, do check the logs
Bad gateway issue on UI
  1. Restart the nginx container by following command
    docker restart nginx-container-id

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