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Freeswitch VRS Configurations

Before doing anything, make sure mod_lua and dkjson is enabled/installed in the freeswitch of both machines. 

1- Recording Script

The first step we need to take on freeswitch is to download the record script "api_record.lua"

Once downloaded, place it in the "scripts" directory of freeswitch. It can be found under "/usr/local/freeswitch/scripts/" or "/usr/share/freeswitch/scripts/" depending on whether you installed freeswitch from source or package, respectively.

Edit the recording script and assign the correct paths to the "recording_dir" and "mixedRecordingdir" variables. The correct path can be found via "pwd".

Make sure to assign all user permissions to both directories used in these variables.

#chmod 777 -R "full/address/of/directory"

2 - Dialplan Configuration

Add the following lines of code in the public dialplan of both freeswitches.

<extension name="outside_call" continue="true">
		<action application="set" data="outside_call=true"/>
        <action application="log" data="INFO PP-----${sip_from_host}--------------Starting Record Dialplan --------------12124"/>
        <action application="export" data="RFC2822_DATE=${strftime(%a, %d %b %Y %T %z)}"/>

<extension name="CUCM Recording Profile">
	<action application="log" data="INFO Entering Call from CUCM"/>
	<condition field="${sip_from_host}" expression="">
		<action application="lua" data="api_record.lua"/>

3 - SIP Profiles

Edit the internal and external SIP profiles and enable the Third Party Call Control option in both of them.

Change the value flag to "true" if it is set to "false" or "proxy".

<param name="enable-3pcc" value="true"/>

We also need to add one more line to the internal profile file if it doesn't already exist.

<param name="parse-all-invite-headers" value="true"/>

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