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Auto-login to VRS Finesse gadget

A Cisco contact center agent can now access VRS as a Finesse gadget after login in to Finesse. The agent doesn't need to re-enter agent credentials for VRS login.

VRS web-app login with Cisco credentials

Now you can log in directly to the VRS web app using your Cisco agent/supervisor credentials. On the login screen, there's a separate button Login with Cisco that the user will choose for VRS login using Cisco credentials. The previous Login button should continue to work as standalone login (without KeyCloak).
Limited Agent PermissionThe agent can only search and play the agent's own recorded calls only. 
Admin PermissionsThe VRS admin can log in directly in the web app or via the VRS Finesse gadget and search-n-play all agent recordings.

Integrated KeyCloak for Role-based security

KeyCloak is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution with various authentication and authorization policies. KeyCloak integration with Cisco UCC is developed to do customer user authentication via Cisco Finesse while the admin can still define permissions and roles in KeyCloak. 

KeyCloak integration with Cisco Finesse is established to authenticate Cisco user credentials via KeyCloak. Upon each login request, KeyCloak relays the authentication requests to Cisco Finesse. Upon successful authentication, KeyCloak authorizes the user as an Agent or Admin based on the user's role in Cisco UCC. All agent users in KeyCloak are part of the group configured against the environment configuration variable KEYCLOAK_PERMISSION_GROUP.




Don't change the KeyCloak user password

For the Cisco UCC integrated setup, VRS creates a KeyCloak user with a static hidden password. The application uses this password internally for assigning role-based permissions. The actual user authentication is happening by the Cisco Finesse.

Do not change the auto-created KeyCloak user's password in KeyCloak for Cisco integrated users. Authentication won't work otherwise.

After Changing the First Name or Last Name from CUCM we need to restart the mixer container from VRSWe need to restart the VRS mixer container for this
Do not change the User Id of a finesse user from CUCMIt is not recommended to change the Agent ID form CUCM. It will cause issues in Mapping Agents with the calls.
Don't change the User's First name or Last name for a CC user from KeycloakDo not change the users first name or last name from Keycloak as they will be changed from CUCM
Direct Transfer scenarioIn cases of Direct Transfer call, if the call is not picked up by the transferred agent within the configured time then, in this case, two separate recordings are made instead of one single combined, with two legs
Currently, the solution is handling the single codecThe Voice recording solution is not supporting multiple codexes. It is only handling the G711 codec.
KeyCloakA user cannot log in on VRS Gadget if he has no role assigned in KeyCloak
KeyCloakIf a supervisor role is assigned to a User he will see all recordings
KeyCloakIf an agent role is assigned to the user he will see only his own recordings
Finesse GadgetIf you manually log out a user then it will not auto-login
Finesse GadgetIn case of hold resume call user will see the multi-legged calls
Finesse GadgetUsers will not see the multi-legged recordings in the case of Direct Transfer, Consult Transfer, and the conference call. He will only see his leg, related to his agent id. It will be shown as a single recording.

Open Issues

Issues identified in this release

Key Summary P Description

Consult/Conference Call Open Issues

Key Summary T P

Internal Calls Open Issues

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Failover/HA Issues

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Other Issues

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Fixed Issues In this release

Archived calls issueArchived calls were visible on the VRS UI. It is now fixed. Now, the archived calls are removed from the front end.
Extension Mobility issueWe don't need to restart the VRS application now, after setting up the new EM extension

Compatibility Guide

OS Compatibility

We require the customer/partner to install the following software on the server.



CentOS 7

CentOs full version, if the minimal version is installed then run yum update command

Database Server Compatibility



MS SQL Server 


Docker Engine Compatibility


Docker CE

Docker CE 19+ and docker-compose (in case of CentOS)

Phones Compatibility

The Expertflow Voice Recording Solution uses the BiB (Built-in Bridge) feature of Cisco phones. Any Cisco phone that supports BiB should work. See here a list of those that do. Formal testing and QA is executed however only with phones listed in the tables below.

ItemTested Versions
Cisco IP Phone(s)

Hard Phone(s)CP-7965G

Browser Compatibility








Not tested

An on-demand testing cycle can be planned

IENot testedAn on-demand testing cycle can be planned

Cisco Unified CCX Compatibility

UCCX 12.5.1.x, No-SSO

Cisco Unified CM Compatibility

CUCM 12.5.1.x,  no Active Directory configured