Release Notes

14.1 Release Notes

Release Summary

This release is based on KeyCloak integration with Recording Solution. The Keycloak integration with Cisco Finesse has been established to authenticate Cisco user credentials via KeyCloak and the availability of VRS Web Application within Finesse as a gadget. The KeyCloak will be available on HTTPS. The Agent Information synchronization with the Calls is also included in this release.

What's New

New Features  Description
Auto-login to VRS Finesse gadget

A Cisco contact centre agent can now access VRS as a Finesse gadget after login into Finesse. It will automatically be created on Keycloak.

VRS web app login with Cisco credentialsNow you can log in directly to the VRS Web Application using your Cisco agent credentials. On the login screen, there's a Checkbox named CC User. This will allow the user to Login into VRS App as a Finesse User.
Limited Agent PermissionThe Agent user can only search and play his own recorded calls only. 
Admin PermissionsThe VRS admin user can log in directly in the Web App or via the VRS Finesse gadget and it can search and play all agent recordings.
Keycloak Availability on HTTPSNow we can access Keycloak Application using HTTPS instead of HTTP.
Agent Info sync with CallsNow the details of the Agent (Agent ID and Name) will be displayed on VRS UI. Previously, we were using Agent's Extension for Agent ID. Only UCCX is supported in this release.




Logout Button at VRS GadgetThere are two Logout buttons, one is available at VRS Gadget and another one is at Finesse Application. So the user can see the VRS Login screen and can log in with another user inside the same finesse agent.
KeyCloakA user cannot log in VRS App if it has no role assigned in KeyCloak
CC User NameDo not change the User's first name or last name from Keycloak as they will be changed from CUCM

Fixed Issues In this release

Key Summary P Resolution

 Open Issues

 UI Issues


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 VRS Gadget Issues  


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 Consult/Conference Call Issues 


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 Other Issues

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Release Test Highlights

Tested With:

  • VRS Finesse Gadget is Tested on UCCX version 12.5
  • Only Hold/Resume, Direct Transfer, Simple External and Internal Calls are Tested at Finesse Gadget.
  • Hold/Resume, Direct Transfer, Simple External and Internal Calls are also Tested at UCCE version 12.5
  • The Agent Information synchronization with the calls is Tested at UCCX 12.5 only.
  • Call Recordings like Hold/Resume, Direct Transfer, IB/OB and simple internal calls are tested on both CIPC and Cisco Jabber.
  • VRS App, Keycloak and Gadget are Tested on Google Chrome and Firefox only. 
  • Singleton→ The solution is Tested with up to 20 call recordings for each scenario.

Not tested with:

  • In this release, Consult Transfer Calls and Conference Calls are not Tested on UCCE and Cisco Jabber.
  • Consult/Conference Calls are not Tested at VRS Gadget.
  • Agent Information synchronization with the calls is not tested at UCCE
  • HA→ High Availability is not supported in this release.
  • The Load Test is not done yet for this release.

Compatibility Guide

OS Compatibility

We require the customer/partner to install the following software on the server.



Debian 10

Debian 10 full version

Database Server Compatibility





Docker Engine Compatibility


Docker CE

Docker CE 19+ and docker-compose (in case of CentOS)

Phones Compatibility

The Expertflow Voice Recording Solution uses the BiB (Built-in Bridge) feature of Cisco phones. Any Cisco phone that supports BiB should work. See here a list of those that do. Formal testing and QA is executed however only with phones listed in the tables below.

ItemTested Versions
Cisco IP Phone(s)

Cisco Jabber14.1

Browser Compatibility










MENot TestedAn on-demand testing cycle can be planned

Cisco Unified CCX Compatibility

  • UCCX 11.6.1.x, Non-SSO
  • UCCX 11.0.1.x, Non-SSO

Cisco Unified CM Compatibility

CUCM 11.5.1..x,  no Active Directory configured