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Release Notes


This ECM release includes minor front-end changes and bug fixing.

Front-end Changes

The latest uploaded contact appears on top in ECM Report

Previously the latest uploaded contact goes at the bottom of the report. Now in this release, the latest will appears on the top of the report.

Start & End Date filter on ECM Report

In this release, the filter is applied on the Request Date of the contact.  The user filters the records on the base of Start and End & sees the most relevant records.

Fixed Issues

SummaryJira Link
Handle exception in API container & it remains in an unhealthy state while running smoothly (Health status is not correct)


PCS Surveys are not appearing when the user uploads the contact in Survey Campaign.


While uploading the Contact CSV from the front-end, ECM is not taking the dialTime attribute from the CSV


Open Issues

SummaryJira LinksResolution Plan
When the campaign is active, the cisco campaign menu should be disabled (the user should not be able to change the cisco campaign when the ECM campaign is active)


Marked for next release
When there are 2k or more agents synced on UMM, the assigning and removing of the permissions to the Agent role is taking too much time (40 to 50 seconds approx)  


Marked for the next release
ECM takes too much time to login user, which has a profile picture of large size.


Marked for the next release of UMM
After defining the application setting from the interface of the application, the user needs to restart the docker-compose.


Marked for the next release
Incorrect error messages keep on displaying during HA "Back server not working" and "UCCX is down"


Marked for the next release

During the loading User Management module, it is seen that the Firefox browser displays a warning message.  Once the page loads the message disappears.

Number of Users 1000 UCCE.


Marked for next release 
When an outbound call is rejected or resent to the queue by an agent, if the same call gets answered by some other agent while at the same time, ECM fetches the status of contact from CCE, then the status field might have improper values.
Marked for the next release
If a user passes a Cisco campaign with an IVR type while creating an agent-based campaign in ECM through API, the ECM campaign got successfully created


Marked for the next release
Using “Update Campaign API”, the user can also change the strategy of an enabled/active campaign.


Marked for the next release
Each attempt in a campaign should have a unique attempt_number otherwise, this might cause problems while rendering or modifying an attempt definition.


Marked for the next release
We recommend not to press F5/CTRL+F5 to refresh the page. To refresh a list or view new changes, the user must navigate from some other page/list to the current page.
Marked for next release

Important Notes/Limitations

Some limitations in the new release are mentioned below,

SummaryRelated Feature
The profile picture of the agent/supervisor on UMM should be less than 150KB in size. Otherwise, it takes too much time to login to ECM.UMM Integration
PCS survey integration has not been tested in this release.Survey Integration
The first phone number of the contact is mandatory while uploading the contact CSV. ECM Campaign Contacts
In the case of the ECM IVR campaign, It should be noted that the user cannot upload a CSV that contains some value in "Business Param 1" and "Business Param 2". This is because these two Params are used by ECM itself.ECM Survey campaign and Callback campaign 
The current implementation in ECM only allows uploading contact CSV of 2MB size.The current implementation in ECM only allows uploading contact CSV of 2MB size.
In the contact list of the campaign, there is no pagination and user have to click on down arrow button to get the next 25 contacts.ECM Campaign Contacts
While creating an attempt (Voice or SMS) through the API, the attempt definition should be proper. The attempts defined in the improper way will not be accessed from the front-end interface for any modification.Call Strategy API
With the APIs, attempts are created and stored one after the other.ECM Call strategies APIs
The “Delay” and the “Expiry” time of SMS in the call strategy should not be more than 120 minutesECM Call strategies
ECM is now VM level failover supported. Redundancy Support
Cloud deployment of the application is not yet supportedCloud deployment

Compatibility Guide

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