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ExpertFlow Campaign Manager (ECM) allows businesses to run automated outbound campaigns with multiple channels, including voice and SMS to keep in contact with the customer base, for purposes such as to send periodic billing reminders/ appointment reminders, announce product/services promotions, making callbacks to follow up.

The web-based administration offers contact center managers to schedule campaigns for particular hours of a day, days of the week, pause an active campaign or resume a stopped campaign with a toggle button and define the call rescheduling strategies based on business policies and call outcomes  (for instance, send an SMS on phone 02 if phone 01 is ‘busy’).

The solution works on top of Cisco contact center and leverages on the dialing capabilities of Cisco Outbound for dialing calls. It then syncs call results from the Outbound system with ECM for it to apply rescheduling call strategies based on call results.


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