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Solution Security

Permissions-based User Access

ExpertFlow applications have a central authentication module that automatically synchronizes contact center supervisors and agents from CCX/E into the User Management module. This allows any contact center user to log into the application using the same Finesse credentials without the need to recreate the user credentials in the application again.

With the latest version, the application also allows administrators to create local user accounts for supervisors or/and agents with a user-defined password and username. Restricted permissions on the level of entities allow administrators to assign selective privileges to a particular group of users.


  • Currently, the permissions can only be granted on selective lists/entities. More granular permissions on the level of selective fields or certain data cannot be granted.
  • The password reset option is not available for local users. If a local user has forgotten his password, he needs to request the admin to create a new account to get logged in. 

HTTPS Support

For HTTPS support,  provide a valid certificate from a certified Certificate Authority (CA).

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