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Universal Chat Plugin for Mautic


Universal Chat for Mautic is a plugin to send Campaign Text Messages to contacts via Hybrid Chat



  • Run composer require stomp-php/stomp-php to install stomp-php client.
  • Run rm -rf var/cache/* to remove cache.

Plugin Installation

  • Download Universal Chat for Mautic.
  • Extract it to plugins/MauticActivemqTransportBundle.
  • Navigate to plugins/MauticActivemqTransportBundle/Transport/AvtivemqTransport.php file
  • Open the ActivemqTransport.php file and replace the HC Machine hostname with your own machine hostname.  


  • Use tcp:// instead of https:// with client hostname
  • Stomp client is accessible on 61613 port without SSL and accessible on 61615 port with SSL.
  • Default Activemq Queue for campaign sms is “/queue/sms”, can be replaced as per requirement in AvtivemqTransport.php file.


  • Delete app/cache/prod files or Run command rm -rf var/cache/* to clear cache.
  • Go to plugins in Mautic’s admin menu (/s/plugins)
  • Click on the Install / Upgrade Plugin button to install the plugin or Run php app/console mautic:plugins:install to install the plugin via command line.
  • Click on the plugin icon to enable the plugin and then click Save & Close button.


  • Go to Mautic’s Configuration (/s/config/edit), click on the default transport, and select universal-chat-transport from the dropdown.


Once transport is set to universal-chat-transport, we can now run SMS campaigns via Universal Chat Plugin.

Send Test SMS Campaign

Setup Sms Campaign

After configuring the plugin:

  • Go to Channels > Text Messages.
  • Create a text message with any content.
  • Create some new Contacts having valid email and mobile number fields.
  • Go to Segments.
  • Create a new Segment > Add filter having contacts with valid Mobile numbers in it.
  • Go to Campaigns.
  • Create a New Campaign > Contact Sources > Campaign Segment.
  • Choose the Segment you created early.
  • In the next step, select Action.
  • In the Select box, Choose to Send Text Messages.
  • In the box of Send Text Messages, put a name and choose the message - that you created early.
  • Click on the Publish button and Save your campaign.

Trigger the Campaign

Execute the following cronjobs to trigger the campaign:

  • php bin/console cache:clear
  • php bin/console mautic:segments:update
  • php bin/console mautic:campaigns:update
  • php bin/console mautic:campaigns:trigger


When using the Universal Chat Plugin for Mautic.

  1. Mobile contact field is compulsory to be filled with each contact.
  2. +XXXXXXXXXXXX format for the contact phone number including the '+' sign with Country Code and No Space.
  3. Dynamic Variables can be added in the Text Messages. For example: Hi {contactfield=firstname} To learn more Click Here

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