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Agent and Task States

Agent States

StateState InformationAllowed Actions
1LOGINThe agent's state immediately after signing in. No tasks are assigned to an agent while in this state.
The LOGIN state is a transitive state; LOGIN triggers a change that results in a new state (NOT_READY).
None; the user transitions to NOT_READY automatically
2NOT_READYThe agent won't be assigned any task.
The agent enters NOT_READY state automatically after signing in.
3READYThe agent will be assigned tasks. The agent currently doesn't have any tasks.
When an agent completes all tasks in the MRD, the agent's state returns to the READY.
4INTERRUPTEDThe agent has been interrupted in this MRD by a task from another MRD.
An agent can be interrupted from NOT_READY, READY, ACTIVE, WORK_READY, PAUSED, and RESERVED states.
The agent cannot perform dialog actions while INTERRUPTED.
This state is only applicable for interruptible MRDs.
5ACTIVEThe agent has accepted at least one offered task. The agent can also have one or more of the following:
Paused tasks Offered tasks Tasks for which the agent is performing wrap-up work
6WORK_READYThe agent is performing wrap-up work for all tasks, or is performing wrap-up work for at least one task and has no other task.READY INTERRUPTED
7RESERVEDThe agent has been assigned one or more tasks by Media Routing Engine, but has not accepted the tasks. The agent does not have active or paused tasks, and is not performing wrap-up work for any tasks.ACTIVE READY NOT_READY (in case of RONA) INTERRUPTED
8BUSYWhen an agent handling MAX number of tasks for an MRDACTIVE INTERRUPTED
9LOGOUTThe agent signed out of the MRD.LOGIN
10UNKNOWNAfter the Chat Server failure recovery, agents will go to the UNKNOWN state.
The Chat Server is unsure of connected sockets IDs about who is who, so all logged-in agents (before failure) are transited to the UNKNOWN state. The agents have to manually change their state after login/auto-login.

Task States

Dialog StateDescription
NEWIndicates that a Task is newly created
OFFEREDIndicates that the dialog has been offered to a user
ACCEPTEDIndicates that the user has accepted the offered dialog
ACTIVEIndicates that the dialog has at least one active participant; the user has started working on the accepted dialog
PAUSEDIndicates that an active dialog has been paused
WRAPPING_UPIndicates that a user is performing wrap up activity for a dialog
INTERRUPTEDIndicates that the dialog has been interrupted by a dialog from another MRD. Dialogs can be interrupted if they are in the OFFERED, ACCEPTED, ACTIVE, PAUSED, or WRAPPING UP states.
While a dialog is interrupted, all actions for that dialog are disabled.
This state is applicable only for interruptible MRDs.
CLOSEDIndicates that the dialog ended.
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