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Agent Gadget Environment Variables

Following are the environment variables used in the agent-gadget service.

Config Parameter

Expected Value




This is a chat service URL. Only need to give Chat Server host machine FQDN here to establish a connection with the socket server.

SERVER_URLhttps://<fqdn>/chatThis is a chat service URL.



For stand-alone users set the value to ‘true.

For contact center agents set value to ‘false’

This must match comm-server and mre service configurations



Time in seconds, the gadget should wait before calling the logout event in case of network or server disconnection.

All controls on the agent interface will be disabled and agents will be logged out from the gadget when this time expires.


Language code i.e. en etc

The default language is used when an agent has selected no language



List of supported languages

To add a new language, add it as a key: value pair, such as fr:French for adding the French language. The key is following ISO 639.1.

A language is added as a key-value pair, where the key is a 2 character code and the language name is the value. Pairs are separated by comma(,) and a key-value pair is defined as Key: Value.



This is the path where the certificate file is present



This is the path where the certificate key file is present


60This is the timeout in seconds to accept a new chat request on the agent gadget.


This is database-connector URL
Max_Character_Count500the character limit for a message can be between 1 & 2000
FILE_SERVER_URLhttps://<fqdn>/file-engineFile Engine URL to upload / download attachments
MRE_URLhttps://<fqdn>/mreMRE API URL to fetch queue statistics for Supervisor Dashboard
QUEUE_STATS_RELOAD_TIME5This is in seconds, data on the queue stats dashboard is refreshed after every QUEUE_STATS_RELOAD_TIME seconds. MRE API poll time in seconds to fetch queue stats. Default is 5 seconds
LOAD_MESSAGE_LIMIT100It is the number of messages that will be loaded at a time when the history button is clicked.
GADGET_WIDTH360width of the agent-gadget in the CIF panel. The default and min supported value is 360.
HISTORY_ENABLEDtrue/falseIt allows the agent to fetch history during a conversation. The default value is true
AUTO_LOAD_RECENT_ACTIVITIEStrue/falseIt enables us to load some conversation history by default on chat accept by the agent. The default value is false.
HIDE_CHANNEL_IDENTITYtrue/falseIf set to true, the customer's phone number will not be visible to the agent.
HANDRAISE_ENABLEDtrue/falseIt enables/disables hand-raise functionality for the agent.

If set to false, agent and customer messages are shown on the same side. Default is true.

If set to true, all personal messages of the agent are right-aligned while the customer and other participant messages are left-aligned. 

ENABLE_HYPERLINKStrue/falseBy enabling hyperlinks a user can click on a referral link and jump to another page/document. If set to false, hyperlinks won't work, the default value is true.
CLOSE_CHAT_DELAY30Once the customer leaves the chat, the chat will remain on the agent interface until CLOSE_CHAT_DELAY expires. The default value is 30 (sec), after these 30 seconds, the chat will end automatically. Set it to -1 to make conversation stay on the agent interface forever. If the value is set to 0, the chat ends immediately. The agent can also choose to close the chat himself by clicking the 'X' button.
  • minimal - only new request notifications are shown.
  • moderate - also shows participant's join/leave notifications along with new request notifications.
  • verbose - shows all notifications

Default value is minimal.

It is a comma-separated string, used to transfer the chat to the bot. If it is kept as an empty string, transfer to the bot feature is disabled.

Bot Suggestions and Auto-response Settings

Config Parameter

Expected Value



true/falseIf true, bot suggestions will be shown to the agent on the new customer message. Otherwise, all auto-response settings will also be disabled.



A threshold value between 0 and 1. 



This is the value in seconds. Set the value to -1 to disable this auto-response timer.

When the Bot's message confidence is above the T1 threshold, this timer starts. If the agent didn't answer until the timer expiry, the suggested message is sent to the customer. 



This is bot threshold

The value should be less than BOT_T1_SCORE



Set in seconds,

-1 means do not start the timer.

When the Bot's message confidence is above the T2 threshold and less than the T1 threshold, this timer starts. If the agent didn't answer until the timer expiry, the suggested message is sent to the customer. 



Set in seconds,

-1 means do not start the timer.

When the Bot's message confidence is above the T3 threshold and less than the T1 and T2 threshold, this timer starts. If the agent didn't answer until the timer expiry, the suggested message is sent to the customer. 

Outbound SMS

The chat-server may be configured to send ad-hoc SMS messages to a phone number provided that the SMS channel is configured in Channel Manager and the following properties are configured in the chat-server.

Config Parameter

Expected Value


ENABLE_OUTBOUND_SMStrue/falseIt allows us to enable or disable outbound SMS. The default value is false


If the attribute is specified, the manual outbound SMS will apply this prefix to the number before sending the message.
This configuration attribute may be of a maximum of 4 digits optionally starting with a + sign.

If the agent has already specified the number starting with a + sign the system will not apply this prefix and will also remove any leading 0 digit(s).

Wrap-up and Notes

Config ParameterExpected ValueDescription
ENABLE_WRAPUPtrue/falseIf true, wrap-up control will be shown to the agent on the agent gadget. Otherwise, all wrap-up configurations will also be disabled. The default value is false.

A string list of comma-separated wrap-up codes with a maximum of 20 wrap-up codes where each wrap-code may be of 50 alpha-numeric characters max. The only allowed special characters are: underscore ( _ ) and hyphen ( - ).  All these codes would by default belong to the wrap-up category Default.

  • If more than 20 wrap-up codes are defined, the first 20 will be used. 
  • Invalid wrap-up codes are not used by the system. 

CRM Integration

Config Parameter

Expected Value


CRM_URLURLURL of the CRM in which agent-gadget is embedded
Name of the entity in which activity will be created, default is new_chat
ENABLE_CRM_EVENTStrue/falseIf agent-gadget is embedded in the MSCRM channel integration framework that set true. The default value is false



If agent gadget  is integrated inside MS USD, set  value to ‘true’ else set it to  ‘false’


Field name against which record is searched in contact entity in MS CRM. Default is telephone1
The field name in the activity entity to save the history page URL. Default is new_history

Canned Messages

For custom canned messages, mount this file /usr/share/nginx/html/assets/scripts/messages.json

canned messages for any language are supported only if that language is supported by agent-gadget.

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