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Bot Front Configuration Guide

The following table shows the environment variables required by each service. Be sure to make those available as arguments or in the manifest files of your deployment

Environment variableDescriptionRequired by
ROOT_URLThe Botfront app URL (e.g. https://botfront.your.domain)botfront
MONGO_URLThe mongoDB connection string (e.g. mongodb://user:pass@server:port/database)botfront botfront-api
MONGO_OPLOG_URLThe mongoDB Oplog connection stringbotfront (optional)
MAIL_URLAn SMTP url if you want to use the password reset featurebotfront
BF_PROJECT_IDThe Botfront project ID (typically my-first-project)rasa
BF_URLThe botfront-api root urlrasa actions
MODELS_LOCAL_PATHWhere the trained model returned by Rasa is stored locally. Defaults to /app/models/ and should not be changed in a containerized environment. The Botfront Dockerfile exposes a volume with that pathbotfront (optional)


Although volumes are technically not required for Botfront to run and work, if you do not mount them your data will be gone when containers are destroyed.

VolumeDescriptionUsed by
/app/modelsWhere Botfront stores the model retured by Rasa when the training is completedbotfront
/app/modelsWhere Rasa loads a model from when it startsrasa
/data/dbWhere MongoDB persists your datamongo
/app/actionsWhere Action server stores custom actionsrasa-sdk

/app/models should be mounted on the same location so when Rasa restarts it can load the latest trained model.

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