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Demo Environment

We have a customized demo environment available on Cisco Dcloud that can be accessed by following a guidelines below.

Guidelines to access demo lab: 

Request lab access

  1. Send an email with the subject "Lab access is required for PRODUCT NAME(s)" to "", so that lab can be reserved and credentials can be shared with you. In case of unavailability of lab, you will be notified
  2. In the meanwhile you can go through the pre-requisites below and install the required software.
    1. Install Cisco Anyconnect
    2. Firefox is the recommended browser
    3. Cisco IP Communicator (Windows based installer. Install only if you want to make calls to the agent)
      1. FTP Server link: ftp://efftp02@

      2. FTP User:  efftp02
      3. Password: EFu53r@3456

      4. "CiscoIPCommunicatorSetup"   

Connect to our lab

  1. Connect using the Cisco AnyConnect with following details
    1. Server: Will be provided in the email
    2. Username: Will be provided in the email
    3. Password: Will be provided in the email
    4. Click "OK"
    5. Click "Accept"

Access our lab

  1. Hybrid Chat
  2. Customer Interaction Management (CIM)
  3. Dashboards and Wallboard 
  4. Post Collaboration Survey
  5. Expertflow Campaign Manager
  6. Supervisor Tools

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