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Integration with Dialogflow

To integrate the Expertflow Hybrid Chat solution with DialogFlow, you should have a DialogFlow subscription.

Get started following DialogFlow getting-started guide

Environment Variables

Config Parameter

Expected Value




This is the chat docker-service URL.

BOT_IDbotBot id of this bot, need to update in chat environment variables if modified


EF Bot

When the bot joins a conversation, this is the name displayed on the customer gadget as the Bot's display name. The default value is EF Bot. It can be any alphanumeric string. 



Set the value to Dialogflow when Google Dialogflow is used. The value is case insensitive.



Bot service is not available, we are finding an agent for you

This is the default message to the customer when the bot-connector experiences any problems connecting the Bot

Once you have created DialogFlow Agent, specify the Project ID against this attribute. In DialogFlow, you can find it under DialogFlow Agent Settings. The Project_ID is necessary in order to get the authentication and get access to the Dialogflow libraries.

BOT_KEY_FILEdialogflow-keyfile.jsonDialogflow key file name


The path of volume should be ${PWD}/docker/config/bot-connector/dialogflow-key:/usr/src/app/dialogflow-key. In the Dialogflow-key folder, place the key file which you can get from the Dialogflow account, and mention your key file name in the BOT_KEY_FILE environment variable.

Follow this guide to get this key file. This file contains the authentication settings used to authenticate your Dialogflow client library with google. 

Please note that the name of the key file MUST be matched with the value of the BOT_KEY_FILE environment variable.

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