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Here is a list of frequently asked questions.

What are the various flavors of deployment?

  • Hybrid Chat solution integrated with Cisco Contact Center where agent gadget is embedded in the Finesse with or without a chatbot integrated.
  • Standalone web-based application, with or without a chatbot integrated.

Which customer chat channels can be integrated with Hybrid Chat?

Hybrid Chat supports multiple chat channels out of the box. See Media Channels for all the supported channels and supported message types for each.

Which chatbot frameworks can be integrated with Hybrid Chat?

See supported bots on the Bots page to learn about all the supported bots out of the box.

Who can train the chatbot?

  • Customer
  • Partner
  • Expertflow (provisioning of training data for the chatbot will be customer's responsibility if bot training is done by Expertflow.)

What features do you currently provide in the Hybrid Chat Supervisor interface?

See Hybrid Chat Supervisor Guide for details.

What features do you currently provide in the Hybrid Chat Agent interface?

  • Chat transfer
  • Chat conference
  • Customer Chat Channel info (Facebook, Web chat, etc)
  • Timer service in conference mode to send the most suitable reply by the bot in the agent's absence
  • View Top three intents (with scores) and bot suggestions. Not available with Google DialogFlow
  • Handraise for supervisor's help
  • Handle multiple chats simultaneously (configurable in the system settings to define how many chats an agent can handle at the same time)
  • Previous Chat history

Can Expertflow Hybrid Chat be embedded inside Microsoft CRM?


What kind of reports do you provide in Hybrid Chat?

  • Cisco CUIC
  • Expertflow Business Intelligence

Can a user profile of an authenticated user be pre-populated in Hybrid Chat website form and also pop-up this information on agent chat gadget too?

Yes, we expect a Javascript post message from the website in which we should receive the customer information, i.e., customer name, phone number, etc. We pre-populate this information in the relevant fields, along with some optional fields to be manually filled by that customer if required, before starting the chat.

Integration with Oracle RightNow (A.I knowledge base) or any CRM system for any sort of data dip process (two way communication preferably read and push data)?

Yes, you can integrate the solution with any CRM system if the CRM side APIs/webservices are available.

Is it possible to upload chat script to MSCRM automaticall upon completion?

Yes, we support all chat activities to be recorded in Dynamics CRM, alongwith attaching the Chat transcript to that activity. You can attach it to both customer profile as well as the case.

Can Expertflow provide spellcheck for the agent and also block any unwanted words from agent before agent can send it to the customer?

Spellcheck can be provided as it is already in our roadmap. Abusive/unwanted words filters are also part of it but with low priority right now.

Upon completion of the Chat with a Live Agent, is it possible to provide a Post Chat Survey to customer?

Yes, Hybrid chat is integrated with our Expertflow Post-Collaboration-Survey solution to provide surveys as part of the solution.For reporting, we provide standard CUIC reports and can create custom reports as well as per your requirement.

When Live Agent transfers a chat to another Agent, can the current agent attach a note to give the next agent a heads up on the case before transferring?

In roadmap

Is there an elapse time indicator to show how long a chat remained in Queue or when was the last replied/Answered?

Queue elapsed time indicator is available while Last Replied/answer elapse time is in the roadmap.

Does Expertflow Hybrid support file transfer for Webchat (both way , agent to customer and customer to agent). What is the file format supported and what is the maximum size?

Yes, this feature has been just released in the newest version.

Supported formats:

(Max Size: 5 mb)

     Images (.PNG, .JPEG)

     Documents (.pdf, .ppt, .doc, .docx, ..xlsx, .TXT)

File size limit will be increased to 20mb or 25mb in the next release.

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