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Firewall Integration for Deployment

Component Wise Simplified Deployment can be performed with or without firewall enabled.

Enable IP Forwarding on the System

In both cases, with or without  firewall enabled, please enable IP forwarding on the system.

$ echo "net.ipv4.ip_forward=1" > /etc/sysctl.d/100-expertflow.conf
$ sysctl --system
$ systemctl restart network   # This command may result session disconnection temporarily or user might have to re-login.

Solution Deployed without Firewall

If the solution was deployed without firewall enabled and later firewall is enabled, please follow below given procedure to enable the required traffic to go through the firewall.

# Stop the docker daemon
$ systemctl stop docker
# enable firewall 
$ systemctl enable firewalld
$ systemctl start firewalld
# start the docker daemon
$ systemctl start docker

Run the script located in the deployment directory to enable all the required ports in firewall.

# cd /var/lib/expertflow  # for example only. actual deployment path may differ.
$ ./

Solution Deployed With Firewall

When Solution is deployed using Simplified Deployment Script and firewall is active and enabled , all the required ports are added to the firewall at the time of deployment. 

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