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Portainer concepts 

Portainer is a general administration tool for managing and maintaining docker services, with the ability to perform routine operations like start, start and restart of docker containers with the ease of web interface. Portainer has evolved with abilities to manage docker orchestration levels like docker-compose, swarm and kubernetes as well. Expertflow's HC and other solution components can be easily managed from command line using  efutils   which is a general administration utility for performing a subset of functions available in Portainer.

Advantages of Portainer

  • Portainer can be used to manage the service with an easy interface for all container based services on a given system
  • It can be used to manage a cluster of hosts from within a single interface.
  • It has capabilities to manage orchestration levels like docker-swarm, kubernetes , Azure ACI and docker-compose ( called stacks ) 
  • Individual containers can be created and deployed within a single interface.
  • troubleshooting  of services like viewing of logs 

In general Portainer removes the complexity associated with orchestrators so anyone can exploit the power of containers. It can be used to set up and manage environments, deploy applications, monitor application performance and triage problems.

Portainer and Expertflow

Portainer is included by default in HC solution and can be used to manage the HC related services at the ease of web-interface. Portainer can be used to manage all aspects of the docker services like

  • Images
  • Networks
  • Volumes
  • containers as an entity

In addition to above, the docker-compose profiles can be imported in the Portainer which will be used to auto deploy the stack with a single click.

A detailed document for the use cases of Portainer has been created separately at

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