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Expertflow CX Upgrade Guide 4.0-4.1

  1. Scale down the ActiveMQ to 0 replicas by executing the following commands on existing SR-22 deployment

    kubectl -n ef-external scale sts ef-amq --replicas=0
    # wait for the pods to go down using
    kubectl get sts ef-amq -n ef-external
    # which should give a total count of 0/0 as ready.
  2. Navigate to the SR-22/cim-solution/kubernetes/directory,and run the following commands.

    # Conversation Controller Config Maps
    kubectl delete -f cim/pre-deployment/conversation-Controller/ef-conversation-controller-actions-cm.yaml 
    kubectl delete -f cim/pre-deployment/conversation-Controller/ef-conversation-controller-actions-utils-cm.yaml
    kubectl delete -f cim/pre-deployment/conversation-Controller/ef-conversation-controller-actions-pycache-cm.yaml
    # Grafana Dashboard Config Map
    kubectl delete  -f cim/pre-deployment/grafana/ef-grafana-supervisor-dashboard-mysql.yaml
    # Reporting Config Map
    kubectl delete -f cim/pre-deployment/reportingConnector/ef-reporting-connector-conf.yaml 
    kubectl delete -f cim/Deployments/
    kubectl delete -f cim/ConfigMaps/
    kubectl delete -f cim/StatefulSet/
  3. Clone the HC4.1 release from gitlab.

    git clone -b HC4.1
  4. Navigate to the HC4.1/cim-solution/kubernetes/directory,and run the following commands.

    Contact Rabi Haider, for customer-specific tailored controller training files.

    # Update for K3s FQDN
    sed -i 's/devops[0-9]*<FQDN>/g' cim/ConfigMaps/* pre-deployment/grafana/*  pre-deployment/keycloak/*     cim/Ingresses/traefik/*  
    # Update for RKE FQDN
    sed -i 's/devops[0-9]*<FQDN>/g' cim/ConfigMaps/* pre-deployment/grafana/*  pre-deployment/keycloak/*     cim/Ingresses/nginx/*  
    # Controller Config Maps
    kubectl -n expertflow create configmap ef-conversation-controller-actions-cm --from-file=pre-deployment/conversation-Controller/actions
    kubectl -n expertflow create configmap ef-conversation-controller-actions-pycache-cm --from-file=pre-deployment/conversation-Controller/__pycache__
    kubectl -n expertflow create configmap ef-conversation-controller-actions-utils-cm --from-file=pre-deployment/conversation-Controller/utils
    # Reporting Connector Config Map
    kubectl -n expertflow create configmap ef-reporting-connector-conf --from-file=pre-deployment/reportingConnector/reporting-connector.conf
    # Dashboard Config Map
    kubectl create configmap ef-grafana-supervisor-dashboard-mysql -n ef-external --from-file=post-deployment/config/grafana/supervisor-dashboards/Supervisor_Dashboard_CIM-mysql.json
    # Update Grafana Helm
    helm upgrade --install=true --wait=true --timeout=10m0s  --debug  --namespace=ef-external --values=external/bitnami/grafana/values.yaml grafana  external/bitnami/grafana
    # Agent Desk Translation Config Map
    kubectl -n expertflow create configmap ef-app-translations-cm --from-file=pre-deployment/app-translations/unified-agent/i18nkubectl  
    kubectl apply -f cim/StatefulSet/
    kubectl wait pods ef-amq-0  -n ef-external   --for condition=Ready --timeout=600s
    kubectl apply -f cim/ConfigMaps/
    kubectl apply -f cim/Deployments/

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