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Helm Based Deployment Stages

The Helm-based EFCX deployment process is organized into three primary stages: Local, Debug, and Library. Each stage has specific roles, tasks, and directories associated with it, to ensure a smooth and efficient deployment workflow. Below is a detailed explanation of each stage:

  • Local Stage
    Purpose: Development and initial feature implementation.

Directory name: local


  • Feature Tag Creation: Developers create a feature tag following the naming convention CX.f-CIM1010. CI job is triggered manually.

  • Modify values.yaml: to Update the image tag in the values.yaml file with the new feature tag.

  • Update Chart Metadata: Modify the Chart.yaml file to reflect the new chart version and app version: version: 4.5.0-featuretag (release candidate version), appVersion: 4.5.0-featuretag (application version)

  • Build and package the chart

  • Push Changes: Push the updated chart files to the repository.

The Local stage focuses on development where the feature is created and prepared for initial testing.

  • Debug Stage
    Purpose: Quality Assurance (QA) testing of the feature.

Directory Name: debug


Deploy the charts version using the global charts configuration for testing provided by dev.
Testing: Conduct thorough testing of the feature.
Review Results:

  • If the feature passes testing, it moves to the next stage (Library).

  • If the feature fails, it reverts to the Local stage for further development and bug fixing.

The Debug stage is crucial for ensuring the feature is stable and ready for production through rigorous QA testing.

Library Stage
Purpose: Final release and deployment management.

Directory: library


  • Create Final Release Tag: The Release Management team creates the final release tag using the release tag i.e CX 4.4.7

  • Modify values.yaml: Update the image tag in the values.yaml file to the final release tag.

  • Update Chart Metadata: Modify the Chart.yaml file to reflect: version: 4.5.0-rc, appVersion: 4.5.0

  • Build and package the charts

  • Push Changes: Push the final chart files to the repository.

  • Deploy Charts: Deploy the charts using the global charts configuration.
    The Library stage is the final step where the feature is officially released and managed for production deployment.

The Helm-based EFCX deployment process ensures a structured and organized workflow from development to production. Each stage Local, Debug, and Library plays a critical role in ensuring that features are developed, tested, and released efficiently. By following this detailed process, the deployment team can maintain high-quality standards and streamline the feature rollout process ? helm upgrade downgrade version ?.

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