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Channel Session Data Update User Guide


The purpose of this guide is to provide information on how channel session update data update API can update channel data in active channel sessions. 

Intended Audience

The guide is intended for developers with knowledge of REST APIs.

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Technical Overview

For the development of channel session update data API,  we need to develop an API for getting the channel session in Redis (Active channel Session in Redis cache).  Now, we get the active channel session from Redis by channelSessionId.

The Expertflow CX channel session API  will update the channel session data additional attribute list. The communication flow is given as follows:

  • The path variable and request Body  are mandatory for calling the API. 
  • Upon receiving the request, the API:
    1. Validates the request i.e. if the user has passed the valid path variable and request body.
    2. If validation failed then return with an error or channel session not found message as a response.
    3. Get the channel session by path variable and get an additional attribute list from the channel session.
    4. Validate the list size according to the request body (max size is 10)
    5. If the key already exists then override it other wise add a new entry in the list.
    6. After the update publish an event CHANNEL_SESSION_DATA_UPDATED  further details is here.
    7. At the end send channel session as response of API.

Conversations API

The structure and properties of API is documented here in Channel Session Update Data API page.

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