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CIM Location Message

Location message is primarily used to send location coordinates to the recipient. 

The method to send location message is given as follows:

  • Specify the type = "LOCATION". The body should be in JSON format and include the following properties:

type - String - RequiredValue = "LOCATION"
location - Numeric - Required


  • Latitude - Required = 31.51335334777832
  • Longitude - Required = 74.3333969116211
markdownText - String - Optionalcontains custom plain text sent by end user.
additionalDetails - String - OptionalAdditional details such as name, address, url can be passed.
"body": {
        "type": "LOCATION",
        "location": {
            "latitude": 31.51335334777832,
            "longitude": 74.3333969116211
        "markdownText": null,
        "additionalDetails": {
            "name": "Gaddafi Stadium",
            "address": "Hafeez Kardar Road",
            "url": null

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