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CX Upgrade Guide CX-4.4.7 to CX-4.4.8

Before proceeding with the upgrade, ensure that the system is in an idle state, with all agents logged out from the agent desk.

  1. Clone the CX repository on the target server

    # Clone the CX-4.4.8 branch of cim-solution repository
    git clone -b CX-4.4.8
  2. Stop Reporting Connector and Historical Reports Manager

    # Stop reporting connector running in your current release i-e CX-4.4.7
    kubectl delete -f cim-solution/kubernetes/pre-deployment/reportingConnector/ef-reporting-connector-cron.yaml -n expertflow
    # delete configmap for reporting connector 
    kubectl -n expertflow delete configmap ef-reporting-connector-conf
    # delete the present deployment of historical-reports-manager
    kubectl delete -f cim-solution/kubernetes/cim/Deployments/ef-historical-reports-deployment.yaml
  3. Copy and Run the MYSQL Update Script

    # Copy the following script from CX-4.4.8 to your current release i-e CX-4.4.7/cim-solution/kubernetes/pre-deployment/reportingConnector/dbScripts/dbupdate/
    # Run the following MySQL update script on top of current historical database.
  4. Replace Historical Reports Manager and Reporting Connector Tag

    # Open cim-solution/kubernetes/cim/Deployments/ef-historical-reports-deployment.yaml file in CX-4.4.7
    # Apply the deployment of historical reports manager
    kubectl apply -f cim-solution/kubernetes/cim/Deployments/ef-historical-reports-deployment.yaml
    # Open cim-solution/kubernetes/pre-deployment/reportingConnector/ef-reporting-connector-cron.yaml file in CX-4.4.7
    # Create configmap
    kubectl -n expertflow create configmap ef-reporting-connector-conf --from-file=cim-solution/kubernetes/pre-deployment/reportingConnector/reporting-connector.conf
    # Apply the reporting-connector deployment
    kubectl apply -f cim-solution/kubernetes/pre-deployment/reportingConnector/ef-reporting-connector-cron.yaml -n expertflow
  5. Update Routing Engine Tag

    # Delete Routing Engine’s Deployment
    k delete -f cim-solution/kubernetes/cim/Deployments/ef-routing-engine-deployment.yaml
    # Update Routing Engine’s Deployment Tag
    # Apply Routing Engine’s Deployment
    k apply -f cim-solution/kubernetes/cim/Deployments/ef-routing-engine-deployment.yaml
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