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Helm chart change logs

S.NoComponent Helm chart value reasons


replicaCount: 3

By default the value is set to 3 based on the number of nodes this can be changed as per needed.

 pgpool  pgpool provides automated failover while also ensuring high availability in case any of the master pod is affected within a node.



we are using the following host for HA based deployment which in external databases array host: "ef-postgresql-postgresql-ha-pgpool.ef-external.svc.cluster.local" 


Mongo DB

arbiter: enabled: true

Aribter needs to be set as true.

replicaCount: 3

ReplicaCount needs to be set as per needed.

replicaSetHostnames: true 

replicaSetName: expertflow

hostname needs to be enabled as well while setting the appropriate replicaSetName.




mode: distributed

 The mode needs to selected as distributed.
replicaCount: 4ReplicaCount needs to be set as per need but it should be in even numbers and greater than or equal to 4.

zones: 1

drivesPerNode: 1

Zone should be 1 and drives per node should be 1 as well

Redis Sentinel

sentinel: enabled: trueSet the enabled flag as True this will allow a replica to become a master in case one of the pods gets affected in a node.
replicaCount: 3ReplicaCount needs to be set as per needed.
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