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Login to AgentDesk

The agent can login to AgentDesk using the user's login credentials defined in Keycloak. When integrated with Cisco Finesse, the agent must specify its Cisco login credentials. When the agent desk is embedded in Cisco Finesse, the agent is automatically logged in to the AgentDesk.

Expertflow CX uses Keycloak for centralized IAM (Identity and Access management) functions. All application users roles and permissions are defined in Keycloak. 

See Security and User Permissions for more details on user authorization with Agent Desk.

Login Options


Login with Cisco Finesse 

This is available when Agent Desk is embedded in Cisco Finesse. Once logged in to Cisco Finesse, agents automatically get logged in to the Agent Desk. This automatic login to the application is supported in the case of both SSO and non-SSO environments. When agents log in, their login details are synchronized with Keycloak so that the agent profiles also get created in Keycloak with the same credentials as Cisco. Upon login, agents are allowed to get logged into Agent Desk with restricted access to the application resources.

Login with Keycloak 

If Cisco integration is not enabled, agents provide their Keycloak username and password while logging in to Agent Desk. The user authentication request is redirected to Keycloak for request verification. Upon confirmation, agents get logged in to the Agent Desk with access to the permitted resources. 

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