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Route Re-initiated Chats

Enables the customer to re-initiate the chat. The Expertflow routing system will route such chats on a priority basis.

In case, the customer's request is disconnected due to any reason such as not answering in time, internet disconnection, or due to any other distraction. The Expertflow Routing will route the chat of those customers on priority who re-initiate the chat. This chat will be served on priority if it is  re-initiated on the same day and is enqueued in the same queue.

 Use Case

  1. A customer Alex initiates the chat.
  2. The chat is routed to the Sales queue.
  3. The chat is started on Sep, 21, at 10:55 am and disconnected at 11:03 am
  4. Alex re-initiated the chat after an hour at 12:05 on the same day.
  5. Now. the system checks, if the previous chat of this identified customer is on the same day and in the same queue.
  6. The chat is given the priority to be routed to the agent to be served as soon as it lands.

If 24 hours time has been passed, or the queue is not the same then this chat will be treated with normal priority and will wait in the queue as regular chat.

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