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Scheduled Activities - Solution Design

Summary of the whole flow from Marketing tools to customer. 

  1. Campaign tools schedules an activity by calling exposed scheduler APIs

  2. Scheduler pushes the scheduled activity to CX Activity to be part of customer history.

  3. Scheduler Queues the activity and pushes it to CCM when the scheduled date time reaches.

  4. CCM acts as a proxy and forwards the scheduled message to the relevant connector.

  5. When the message is delivered, CCM sends back a delivery notification to the Scheduler that it received from the relevant connectors

  6. Scheduler updates the delivery notification to CX Activities

  7. Scheduler also pushes it to the Campaign Manager via registered webhooks.

  8. When the customer reads the message or replies back to the scheduled message, CCM sends the delivery notification as READ. In addition, it also sends back the customer response received from connectors to Scheduler.

  9. Scheduler pushes the READ delivery notification as well as the customer responses of the scheduled activity to CX Activities.

  10. Scheduler also publishes the delivery notifications and customer response to the Campaign Manager via the registered webhooks.

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