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Use case with Pull-based Routing

Admin Configurations

The same level of configurations are done in Unified Admin, for this scenario as done for Push-based Routing, except for the following differences:

  1. The admin creates an MRD to capture Social media requests from customers.
  2. Adds a new Channel Type Face Page Comments.
  3. The admin adds a new List L1.
  4. Creates a new Channel C2, sets the Routing Mode as Pull (instead of Push) and, maps the Channel C2 to the List L1. This channel is supposed to receive all customer comments posted on the Facebook page. The channel should then publish all new requests on the List L1.

Example Chat.

  • A new comment is posted on the company's Facebook Page mentioned in the Service Identifier field of the channel configs. See Administrator Guide to learn more. 
  • The system publishes the request to the list associated with the channel, i.e. L1
  • All agents subscribed to the List L1 get the new incoming request notification. 
  • One or more agents try to join the Conversation. 
  • The agent(s) who joined the chat are subscribed to the Conversation notifications such as, Agent joining, and Agent leaving notifications that are flown through during the conversation.

Flow Diagram

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