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Voice Channel Configuration Limitations/Issues

To configure the voice channel on the unified admin, some specific handling is being done in the system for CISCO, due to which the following limitation exists in the system which is listed as follows:

  • For voice channel provider configuration we have hidden the ProviderWebhook parameter, but for EF-Switch this parameter is required.

  • For voice channel type, we are adding the VOICE MRD on bootstrap in the system but it is configured by default for CISCO, to use the same mrd for EF-Switch we need to enable the ManagedByRe as check for the VOICE MRD in the mrd configurations.

  • We cannot use the system simultaneously for both CISCO(routing is handled by an external party) and EF-Switch(routing is handled by internal RE) due to these limitations with the same channel type and mrd.

Proposed Solution:

  1. Cisco-CC and CX-Voice will be added as two separate channel types in the system, both having separate MRDs (bootstrapped).

  2. ProviderWebhook field will be an optional attribute.

  3. Remove the hardcoded Voice MRD. It is up to the client to choose the max tasks etc.

    1. For this, we must first remove the hard-coded voice MRD name used on the front end. 

    2. Do bootstrap the MRDs in RE though. One for Cisco (Cisco CC) and the other for CX Voice (Freeswitch).

Questions & Answers:



CCM creates an additional mapping of channelSessionId and ChannelSession

in the Redis for Voice ChannelTypes for the Consult scenario. Is this mapping required in the case of all 

Voice channels or just for Cisco Voice? @a user 

We will change the customer identification flow from associated dialog id to customer ANI. Now CTI will pass the customerNumber in all call events. The CCM will identify the customer session using the customer number.

The solution proposed to remove the MRD hardcoding from the agent desk is mentioned here

Task List

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