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WrapUp Message

When an agent wants to tag full or portions of a conversation by attaching admin-defined categories (from the UI) to it, Wrap Up message API is used.

type - String - Requiredvalue = "WRAPUP"
wrapups- Array - Required

more than one category can be attached.


  • categoryName - Required - category as selected by the agent
  • value - Required - any value as specified by the agent
markdownText - String - Optionalcontains custom plain text sent by end user.
note - String - OptionalAdditional details as added by the agent.
        "markdownText": " ",
            "type": "WRAPUP",
            "wrapups": [
                "categoryName": "Category1",
                "value": "internet disconnectivity"
                "categoryName": "Category2",
                "value": "plan upgradation"
        "note": "optional"

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