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Agent Team

An AgentTeam represents a group of agents supervised by one or multiple supervisors (one primary, other secondary). A Team also has some queues associated to the team for the supervisor to monitor the statistics of those queues.

Agent Teams in EFCX are set up in Keycloak, using Keycloak Groups. See Team Configuration in Keycloak 

While understanding a Team concept, follow the following key points:

  • A team can be supervised one or multiple supervisors.
  • A team consists of a set of agents.
  • An agent can only be a part of one and only one team.
  • Queues become a part of a team based on the logical grouping of queues with agents (i.e. queues which agents of the team are a part of, automatically become a part of the team as well).
  • A supervisor can supervise multiple teams at the same time
  • A supervisor can also be an agent in the same team/or in a different team
  • A supervisor is only be able to manage his own team(s), i.e. agents and also, queues (typically done via dashboards) and won't be able to monitor agents/queues of the other teams.
  • A supervisor can monitor and take actions on the agents and queues (typically via some dashboards) of her teams. These actions include, monitoring agents and forcefully logging them out, monitoring chats which are active with their team agents and silently monitoring and barging in to the ongoing chats (coming soon)
  • A supervisor can create announcements for her team(s) to notify about upcoming events or share any other information with their team (coming soon)
  • A supervisor can reskill agents of his own team, assigning routing attributes in our case (coming soon)
  • A supervisor can change configurations of queues that come under his supervision. This may include changing the definition of queues as well as changing the routing logic of queues that the supervisor manages (in roadmap)


  • A user in Keycloak can be made a part of multiple groups
  • Any updation in user teams will only be reflected once the user re-logins the system.
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