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Channel Session

A Channel Session represents customer's presence on the respective Channel. It maintains the flow of the customer communication with CX. A Channel Session has a start and end time. A Conversation may have one or more active Channel Sessions at a time.

A Channel Session is a container of all customer related activities happening on a media channel. CX-core creates a channel session upon receiving the first event for the respective media channel. A Channel Session remains active as long as actors publish events. A Channel Session is expired when there is no activity from actors for the configured inactivity timeout.

A Channel Session has Channel Data attributes. It's a set of key-value pairs associated to a channel session. For example,

  1. For a web chat session, the web user’s browser info (Chrome, Safari), locale, browser-id, and any pre-chat form data are the channel data attributes. During an active Channel Session, Channel Data attributes may be modified via an API.

  2. For a call, all call variables are set as Channel Data attributes.

For more details, see channelSession .

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