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Channel Stats Graph

Report Summary

Shows the percentage of channel sessions closed due to a particular disposition.

This report shows the percentage in the form of a doughnut chart with one of the following channel disposition; i.e.   

  • % Customer 

  • % Agent 

  • % Inactivity

  • % Network 

  • % Force Closed

See Channel Session Detail for more on the channel session dispositions above. 

This helps to determine how many sessions were closed due to a particular disposition. 

There are two views available for this report:

  • Channel Vol by Disposition - simple doughnut showing disposition-wise slices regardless of the channel type 

  • Channel Vol by Disposition and Channel type - a double-layer doughnut where the outer layer shows the channel type and the inner slices show channel session dispositions of the selected channel type. 

Channel Stats Graph

Report Filters

  • Disposition: Bot | Customer | Agent | Network. If no disposition is selected, it shows the data of all dispositions. The filter applies to both of the two charts. 

  • Date/Time: The filter applies to both charts.

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