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Conversation Detail

Report Summary

 Provides the details of a customer conversation including a conversation's direction, queue name, list name, start time, end time, duration, agent's name, customer's name, routing mode of the conversation, transferred count, percentage of agent/bot participation, transcript, and disposition.

This detail is based on the number of activities exchanged in a conversation.

Report Columns



Conversation ID 

The unique identifier of a customer conversation


This determines the direction of conversation i.e. INBOUND/OUTBOUND.

There can be multiple channel sessions (INBOUND/OUTBOUND) in a conversation. We'll consider the conversation's direction based on the first channel session's direction in the conversation. 


This determines the queue(s) name on which the conversation was landed originally. This might change during the course of the conversation but this field will only show the name of the first queue on which the conversation landed. 

List Name

This determines the list(s) name on which the agent has joined the conversation in case of PULL-based conversation.

Start Time

This determines the start time of the conversation. This is the actual time when the customer started the conversation.

End Time

This determines the time when the conversation was actually closed 


The elapsed time between the start time and end time of the complete conversation

Agent(s) Name

Names of agent(s) who participated in the conversation. It could be multiple agents joining the same conversation such as a pull-based request and conferenced conversation being joined by 2 or more agents or agent-initiated conversations where more than one agent can start a conversation with the same customer. 

Wrap up Reason(s)

This shows the wrap-ups (wrapup_category & wrapup_label) applied to a conversation by one or more agents who have joined the conversation.

Customer's Name

Name of the customer who initiated the conversation.

Routing Mode

This shows the routing mode of the conversation if it is PULL Mode or PUSH Mode.

Transferred Count

This is the number of times this conversation has been transferred.

% Bot participation

Calculated by the number  of messages sent by the bot on the conversation

% Agent participation

Calculated by the number of messages sent by the agent during the conversation


This field gives the option to View or Download the conversation transcript.


This determines the disposition of the conversation from the disposition column of the conversation table, which could be one of the following:  

    • Agent Handled - If the latest agent task for this conversation has the state CLOSED, with reason code DONE, it is considered as Agent Handled. This is the case when the agent has successfully answered the queries of the customer and closes the conversation from the Agent Desk front-end.

    • Bot Handled - It is when the conversation was actually closed by the bot. 

    • Abandoned: This normally happens when a customer leaves the conversation while waiting in the queue, or while ringing to an agent (i.e. an agent was reserved but the customer left). In this case, the agent task created for this conversation is closed with a disposition CANCELLED.

See Reporting Database Schema -> conversation table for more details about the conversation dispositions. 

For each agent joining a conversation, a new agent task is created. Since multiple agents can join a conversation, there can be multiple agent tasks created in the conversation (i.e. whenever a new agent is added). All of these tasks are sorted and the disposition of the latest tasks' are considered for determining the disposition of the conversation.

Report Filters 

  • Date/Time - select the date you want to see the data for.

  • Agent Name - select a name from a dropdown list of agent names. These names appear based on the data available in reports.

  • Queue - select the name of the queue(s) you want to see the data for.

  • List - select the name of the list(s) you want to see the data for.

Conversation Detail

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