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Mount CRM Service folder in unified-agent POD Guide


This document illustrates the procedure and steps to mount the crm-service folder in unified Agent POD. The requirements are as follows:

  • We want to place the crm-service.js in the skeleton project for the unified agent.

  • We want to update/replace all files inside the assets/cti/crm/ of the unified-agent pod with the crm-service.js updated in the skeleton project during run time.

  • Once the pod restarts, the file should be replaced.


The procedure is described below:

Change the directory

cd cim-solution/kubernetes

for creating configmaps

kubectl -n expertflow  create configmap ef-crm-service-cm --from-file=pre-deployment/crm-service/

In order to make your changes to be reflected you have to delete and apply  'ef-unified-agent-deployment.yaml' 

for deletion of Deployments

kubectl delete -f cim/Deployments/ef-unified-agent-deployment.yaml

for  applying for Deployments

kubectl apply -f cim/Deployments/ef-unified-agent-deployment.yaml
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