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MYSQL SSL Connection Configuration for Reporting

The MYSQL Server must be configured to accept the SSL Connection.

  1. Get the MySQL key-store (.jsk) & certificate(.cert) files from customer. The .jsk file is required for configuration of the reporting connector, whereas the .cert file is required for Apache Superset SSL configuration.

    Skeleton Project (cim-solution) already contains the default .jks files in the keystore directory.

  2. Replace the mykeystore.jks file acquired from the customer in cim-solution/kubernetes/pre-deployment/reportingConnector/keystore/ directory.
  3. Navigate to cim-solution/kubernetes/ directory and run the following command.

    kubectl create configmap -n expertflow ef-reporting-connector-keystore-cm --from-file=pre-deployment/reportingConnector/keystore/mykeystore.jks
  4. Open the cim-solution/kubernetes/pre-deployment/reportingConnector/reporting-connector.conf and set the mysql_dbms_additional_params value as shown below.

    # Replace the {KEYSTORE_PASSWORD} with your original keystore password. Use "changeit" in case of default password.
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