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Object Model Upgradation


The purpose of this document is to track and manage the changes made to the Object Model (OM) and ensure that all relevant components are upgraded accordingly. It serves as a central reference to monitor the progress of the upgrade process and communicate the necessary actions to the teams involved.

The Object Model is a shared library used by multiple components within our system. As changes are introduced to the Object Model, it is essential to ensure that all components using the OM are upgraded to the latest version. This document provides guidelines, timelines, and deadlines to facilitate a smooth and coordinated upgrade process.

Key Objectives:

  • Track the changes made to the Object Model.
  • Monitor the progress of component upgrades and ensure timely completion.
  • Communicate the upgrade requirements and deadlines to all teams involved.

The scope of this document includes all components utilizing the Object Model. It encompasses both the components that make changes to the OM and the components that rely on the OM and need to upgrade themselves.

By following the guidelines outlined in this document, we can ensure that all components are aligned with the latest version of the Object Model, promoting compatibility and consistency throughout the system.

It is crucial for all teams to actively participate in the upgrade process, adhere to the provided guidelines, and meet the designated deadlines. Regular updates and collaboration will help streamline the upgrade process and minimize any disruptions to the system.

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