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Setup OpenEBS for Local Volume Provisioning

This guide illustrates the procedure to deploy and configure OpenEBS for Kubernetes for local volume provisioning.

  1. Do not install OpenEBS using kubectl because this will cause issues later in upgrading the system to a newer version of CX.

  1. See OpenEBS Prerequisites for the environment readiness.

  2. Install using following commmands

    helm repo add openebs
    helm repo update
    helm install  openebs --namespace openebs openebs/openebs --create-namespace
  1. Skip the StorageClass step as you are setting up OpenEBS for local volume provisioning.

  2. Verify the installation of OpenEBS following steps mentioned under Install Verification.

  3. Set the storage class as default for Kubernetes

    # this commands results in the available storage classes. Normally, there is only one storage class configured by OpenEBS.
    kubectl get sc
    # The name of OpenEBS storage class is 'openebs-hostpath'. Run the following comamnd to set it as the default storage class.
    kubectl patch storageclass openebs-hostpath -p '{"metadata": {"annotations":{"":"true"}}}'

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