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A Customer Room persists all interactions of a customer. A Room can contain multiple Conversations. There can be multiple Rooms per Customer. There are two types of Rooms in Expertflow CX.

A Room is a permanent container of all activities. All activities of an actor are stored in a Room.

Customer Rooms

In most scenarios and a typical contact center, each customer only has one room (typically the room where a customer interacts with customer service). The reason for introducing rooms is that one might have different restricted spaces where a customer interacts with multiple parts of an organization (for example private banker vs general IT support) . Access to a room can be given to agents/ supervisors and bots on a need basis (for example permanent access for a private banker, temporary access to a contact center agent).


Team Rooms are for agent-agent or agents-supervisor communication of one team. More than one agents can exist in a room.

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