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Routing Attribute

A Routing Attribute serves as a Skill assigned to an Agent or a Supervisor. An agent can be assigned unlimited number of unique Routing-attributes.

Routing Attributes are of the following two types: 

  • Proficiency: A value on a scale of 1 to 10. This implies how much proficient an Agent is on a particular skill. For instance, if an Agent is assigned an attribute, named, English, with a value of 8, this means that the agent is proficient enough in the English language to assist English-speaking customers. 
  • Boolean: True or False. This assumes that if an agent has a skill or does not have a skill. 

Routing Attributes are configured (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) in the Unified-admin dashboard. While creating an Attribute, the admin can specify a default value. This default value is automatically assigned to the agent at the time of attribute assignment. The admin may change the value for each attribute assigned to an agent at the time of the Attribute-assignment. 

A Routing Attribute entity contains the following fields:




A unique identifier (assigned automatically by the Routing Engine configurations backend).

NameName of the routing attribute.
DescriptionShort description of the routing attribute.
TypeBoolean or Proficiency-level.
Default-valueAn integer value. 0 or 1 for boolean type and 1 - 10 for proficiency-level type. When assigning a routing attribute to an agent, if a value is not provided then this default value is used.
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