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Update Form

This API allows you to update an existing form.

The endpoints, properties and code examples are given as follows:


The body should be in JSON format and include the following properties:



formTitle REQUIRED

Name of the formString-

formDescription OPTIONAL

Description of the formString-

attributes REQUIRED

Attributes are fields (key-value) pairs required in the form. More than one field can be added separated the comma.Object
  1.  key - String - auto-generated and auto-updated if the label of the attribute is changed.
  2.  label - String - name of the field e.g. "First Name"
  3.  helpText - String - alt text for the field e.g. "This is helping text"
  4.  attributeType - List - type of the field. There are two options:
    1. Input - Input fields such as text
    2. Options - allows custom categories to be created by user. Each category has to be unique and cannot be repeated.
  5.  valueType - String - value type of the field (Validation API will be called to validate the custom type)  e.g. "String100"
  6.  isRequired - Boolean - check if it mandatory to be filled
  7.  categoryOptions - Object - will be enabled if attributeType = Options. This is a sub-category in Options.




Code 200 implies that the form/form fields have been updated successfully.

    "formTitle": "New Form",
    "formDescription": "This is helping text.",
    "attributes": [
            "key": "first_name",
            "label": "First Name",
            "helpText": "This is helping text",
            "attributeType": "INPUT",
            "valueType": "String100",
            "isRequired": true,
            "categoryOptions": {}
            "key": "state_name",
            "label": "State Name",
            "helpText": "This is helping text",
            "attributeType": "OPTIONS",
            "valueType": "StringList",
            "isRequired": true,
                "isMultipleChoice": true,
                "categories": [
                        "categoryName": "Category1",
                        "values": [
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