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Upgrade Guide for Routing Manager Role:


        In our current implementation, any user with admin role can view and edit all the settings inside unified-admin i.e bot settings, channel manager settings etc. We want some users to only manage routing-engine settings, user can view all other settings but shouldn't be able to edit them apart from routing-engine.


       An introduction of new role named routing-manager. Users with this role will only be able to manage these routing-engine attributes settings: agent-attributes and agent-mrd, while they can view all other setting but can't edit them.

Setup of Routing-Manager in Keycloak Admin Console:

  1. Login into Keycloak Admin Console:

  2. In Realm Dropdown list, select Expertflow realm:

  3. Click on Realm Roles and then click on Create role:

  4. In Create Role, provide routing-manager as Role Name and Description:

  5.  Now, click on Clients menu and then click on cim client:

  6.  Click on Authorization tab and then click on Import in Authorization Settings:

  7.  Provide the updated Auth file containing routing-manager. Use this file to import new routing-manager permissions/policies: routing-engine-attr-authz-config.json

  8. Now, assign your desired user routing-manager role and test by logging-in to unified-admin.

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