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UTC Offset - Reports


The UTC offset is the difference in hours and minutes between Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and local solar time, at a particular place.


In our reporting DB, all the data is being stored at UTC+0 (with zero offset). The customer needs to insert the offset into a table, called, "reports_offset" in the reporting DB so that the timestamps in historical reports on Superset are shown as per the customer's local time.


Following steps needs to be followed.

Step 1

Visit the website & search  "UTC offset for {your city/country name here}".

Example :  UTC offset for South Africa

Step 2

You need to pick this offset value and convert it into minutes using formula → offset * 60.

Example 1 :   If you are living in South Africa & selected to go with offset UTC+2. This means that 2 hours (2*60 = 120 minutes) will be added to UTC+0 timestamps & you'll see the timestamps fields as per your local time in reports.

Example 2:   If the offset is  UTC -1.5 , then this means that you are living 1.5 hours before the UTC+0 timezone. Then, you need to subtract 90 minutes from UTC timestamps.

Please carefully consider the arithmetic sign with offset value i.e. + (plus) or - (minus). You need to mention this sign in table along-with minutes.

Step 3

Run the following SQL query to update this offset into the table "reports_offset" in reporting DB.

UPDATE reports_offset SET offset_in_minutes =-120;

Step 4

Verify that your offset_in_minutes has been updated.

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