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Redundant deployment with docker compose

Wallboard deployment

Follow this guide to deploy the Wallboard on two machines.

Virtual IP configuration

Repeat the following steps for all the machines in the HA cluster.

  1. Download script and place it in /root directory.
  2. Give execute permission and execute the script: 

    # chmod +x
    # ./

  3. Configure keep.env file inside /root/keep-alived folder




    IPs of the machines in the cluster. On each machine, this variable should have the IP of the other machine in HA.

    KEEPALIVED_VIRTUAL_IPSVirtual IP of the cluster. It should be available in the LAN. For example:
    KEEPALIVED_PRIORITYThe priority of the node. Instances with lower numbers will have a higher priority. It can take any value from 1-255. 
    KEEPALIVED_INTERFACEName of the network interface with which your machine is connected to the network. On CentOS, ifconfig or ip addr will show all the network interfaces and assigned addresses. 
    CLEARANCE_TIMEOUTCorresponds to the initial startup time of the application in seconds which is being monitored by keepalived. A nominal value of 60-120 is good enough
    KEEPALIVED_ROUTER_IDDo not change this value.

    This script is continuously polled after 2 seconds. Keepalived relinquishes control if this shell script returns a non-zero response. For wallboard, it should be:

    pidof dockerd && wget -O index.html https://localhost:443

  4. Give the execute permission and execute the script: 

    # chmod +x
    # ./

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