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Deployment Guide / Solution Prerequisites

We support 3 different flavors of MS CRM Web-Connector, based on the different  MS CRM versions, however, EF Server Side component installation Aka Generic Connector installation is common for all these flavors, For Generic Connector prerequisites, see Generic Connector Deployment Prerequisites.


MS CRM Web-CTI Connector can co-reside with EF Generic Connector, So the Hardware/port requirements are the same which are mentioned in the Generic Connector Deployment Prerequisites 

Once the Generic Connector-based version is installed, please follow the relevant guide as per CRM Version. 

Version Detail Deployment Guide 
CIF CIF release is only available for MS CRM Online version 9. xLink
On-Premise for UCI This release is compatible with UCI for MS CRM on-premise installation for version 9. xLink
Classic UI InstallationThis release is compatible with MS CRM 8. x version Link
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