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MS USD CTI Connector Install Guide

Before you proceed please follow the prerequisites and complete the below-mentioned steps.

Trial setup is a 3-stage process.

Organization CTI Configuration

Install the server-side configurations using a Package Deployer following these instructions

EF Connector

EF Connector is the middleware between the Cisco contact center and the Microsoft USD application. Install EF Connector on a Windows machine following these instructions.

USD Connector

USD Connector is the CTI connector front-end installed on the agent machine where Microsoft Unified Service Desk is already installed. Follow these instructions.

1- Organization CTI Configurations  

These are server-side organization configurations applied for the EF USD CTI Connector to work.

  1. Download the Package Deployer on any Windows machine with the recent .Net framework installed.
  2. Enter admin account credentials and select the Organization where you want the CTI configurations be applied. If you don’t select one, the package will be installed in the user’s default organization. 

  3. Click on EF UCCX connector and press next on each of the following screens to complete the installation process.
  4. This setup will install “Contoso Configuration” in the selected Organization.

After completing the base server configurations, you need to apply additional manual configurations on MS CRM for adding users to “Contoso Configuration”, configure additional USD roles and permissions, and optionally apply SSO configuration.

2- Install EF/ Generic Connector 

  1. Generic Connector Install guide is available here

3- Install USD Connector 

  1. Download & install Microsoft Dynamics Dynamics365-USD- (32 bit) from on an agent’s PC.
  2. Download EF USD Connector and install on the same agent’s PC following the instructions below.

Steps for Installing USD Connector

Extract the downloaded archive using WinRAR or similar and run MS Dynamics CTI Connector.msi.

  1. The installation process starts with the following screen:

  2. Read the instructions carefully and then press Next.

  3. Select Contact Center Enterprise (for UCCE, PCCE), Express (for UCCX)

  4. Enter the IP address of the machine where the Generic Connector  (EF Connector) is installed. Specify port number 61616 as shown in the screenshot. It can be left blank and could be set manually by editing the UnifiedServiceDesk.exe.config file which is present in the installation directory of USD. <add key="ActiveMQ" value="192.168.x.x "/>

  5. Set the installation path, make sure this is the path where USD is installed otherwise, installation will not be completed successfully.

  6. Click Next to complete the installation process.

Run the Unified Service Desk

  1. Enter Unified Service Desk login credentials of the relevant CRM user (working as a Cisco contact center agent).

  2. On the following screen,

    Click on the Login button and provide the Finesse login credentials.

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