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Yulmas Gulzar


Sharjeel Akram


Yulmas Gulzar

New in this Release



Fixed the Security Vulnerabilities

We have fixed the security vulnerabilities in JS CTI 3.0.6

Release Limitations

  • Do not login to the same agent on different browsers or different machines.

  • For this release, the Finesse Admin Password (You'll first need to encrypt the password and then use the encrypted string here as adminPassword)

  • It is mandatory to have at least 1 custom reason code for Not Ready and 1 custom reason code for Logout.

  • Agent extension max length is 6 digits on the Login page.

  • In the case of a Consult call, On Agent B, the System will do the screen pop based on customer ANI. 

  • If the user refreshes the browser at any time while logging on to CTI Connector, Once the browser, comes back after refresh it will reconnect and resume the current state of the call. 

  • VPN connection/WebEx/TeamViewer is required to connect to the customer’s environment.

  • Remote access via RDP or similar is required to do installation and configuration of EF Server.

  • Administrative access to server machines is required to install EF Connector.

  • Admin access to Dynamics CRM is required to deploy CRM side configurations.

  • Leads entity can be found/accessed at sales-related apps.

  • For Online CRM, In the Contacts /Lead entity, we search for both the 'Phone'  and 'Business Phone' fields, and in the Accounts entity, we search in the 'Phone' field.

  • In ONLINE MS CRM config all entities must be lower-case in the entities priority field. Like entities: "lead,contact,account" but for On-prem must be used Uper-case with the first letter.

  • For Click to dial OB call Agent must be in Not Ready state.

  • Currently, for the Microsoft UCI Deployment, Click To Call will not work. It is a limitation of the system 

  • Selected Wrap-up and call notes will be saved in the Description box in call activity for MS CRM

  • Can't consult on a consult call (when a consult call is already in progress)

  • The call notes field will not be available on agent A during the consult call

  • The supervisor can only drop an agent from the Brage in call. He cannot drop a CTI Route Point, IVR Port, or a caller.

  • "disableEndCallBtn" configuration will always remain "false" for the CTI toolbar.

  • In the HA process, it will take at least 3-4 minutes to connect CTI with the secondary server.

  • It is mandatory to have a Primary and a Secondary Node/server for HA.

  • The agent state after fail-over becomes Not Ready - Connection failure.

  • The Queue stats feature is only available for CCE/PCCE

  • Queue Stats update time must be 20s and above for HA.

  • Two call activities will be created for Agent A  in MSCRM when direct transfer on Agent B in HA.

  • Other HA-related Limitations are available here.

Open Issues

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Authenticate to retrieve your issues

Key Summary T Status
Authenticate to retrieve your issues

Release Tested Highlights

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Hard Disk




Operating System:

Windows 2012 R2 standard (x64) 

Compatibility Matrix for this release is available here.

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