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PCS UCCX IVR Integration


  • Environment includes: 

  • UCCX 11.6 or onwards.
  • PCS version with REST APIs.
  • Json-java.jar should be uploaded on UCCX with the required steps or download it from the repo.

  • PCS Web application should be working with a valid license.
  • Agents and prompts are synced with the PCS app.
  • At least one survey is already created.
  • Download the PCS_API script from the repo

Steps  to follow

  • Two Scripts & JAR file uploaded: 

  • PCS_API.aef is the main script.
  • PCT.aef is a sample inbound script for testing.

  • To get the application running: 

  • Upload PCS script.
  • Create an application on UCCX.
  • Update the details in the UCCX application with respect to the PCS application.

  • For inbound script either use PCT script or customer specified, the necessary thing here is to configure the CSQ node and "PostCallTreatment" variable for transfer purpose and to set call variables to pass information (for reference see the PCT.aef script).

  • Land the call on the inbound script and transfer it via the "End" button on finesse, call then should hit the PCS application trigger.
  • Please make sure that the DN of the PCT.aef/inbound script should be the same as that of the survey created on the PCS web application.


Tested PCS Web Application version: 12.1 - This script is tested with UCCX v12.0 and expected to run fine over UCCX v11.6 as well. - For lower versions of UCCX, this script will not work.

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