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PCS allows managers to run customer satisfaction surveys following their interactions with the call center including interactions through voice calls and web chats.

Surveys through following channels are available as of today: 

  1. IVR surveys: An IVR-based questionnaire can be played to a customer over the same incoming call or as a separate outbound call (for now available only for CCE deployments), once the customer ends up talking to the contact center representative. 
  2. SMS Surveys: As a replacement to IVR surveys, an SMS message can also be sent to take quick customer feedback after an inbound call ends. 
  3. Web Survey: A Web-based survey can be pushed to the customer at the end of a web chat. Note that PCS exposes RESTful APIs for 3rd-party chat engines to trigger a web survey automatically at the end of a web chat. 

A Contact center can run multiple surveys of different types simultaneously for its different call center services and DNs (Dialed Numbers).


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