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Release Notes

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Haseeb Tahir

Release Summary

This embedded EFCX Connector runs inside the Salesforce CRM Web UI  and enables agent/call controls within Salesforce allowing agents to use the same CRM agent interface for all call and chat handling and transfer.

Release Limitations

  • Do not login to the same agent on different browsers or different machines.

  • VPN connection/WebEx/TeamViewer is required to connect to the customer’s environment.

  • Remote access via RDP or similar is required to do installation and configuration of EF Server.

  • Administrative access to server machines is required to install EF Connector.

  • Admin access to Salesforce CRM is required to deploy CRM side configurations.

  • CRM Entities priority for single/multi match is not available.

  • Encrypted phone number will be mapped on Customer’s Screen pop-up and Chat Activity is case of Viber.

  • The height and width of CTI SoftPhone on Salesforce is only recommended as 500x400.

  • Click to chat and call is not available for this release.

  • Selected Warp-up and Notes will not refelected in the chat or call activity.

  • The Priority of CRM Entitites are not configurable for this release.

  • CX-Voice limitations are here.

Open Issues

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Release Tested Highlights

Tested with:

  • Salesforce Lightning CRM.

  • EFCX Agent Desk.

  • CX Voice.

  • The following EFCX chat chanels:

  1. WebChat

  2. WhatsApp

  3. Facebook

  4. Viber

Not Tested with:

  • Supervisor Controls.

  • High Availibility (HA).

Testing Machine Hardware Specs:



Hard Disk




Operating System:

Windows 2012 R2 standard (x64) 

Compatibility Matrix for this release is available here.

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