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CISCO idS application registration

To make your application as part of the IdS SSO ecosystem, the application must be registered or on-boarded with IdS.

Every application that invokes some Contact Center (CC) product API which is SSO enabled (expects bearer token for authentication), needs to register themselves with IdS as a client.

To register an application:

  1. Navigate to the Identity Service Management console by going to: https://<your_CCX_Host>:8553/idsadmin

  2. Login using the Cisco Unified CCX application user credentials.

  3. Select the Clients icon on the left side of navigation.

  4. Click on the Add Client button in the upper right hand side.

  5. Fill the form

    1. Enter a unique name for the client (partner application).

    2. Enter one or more redirect URLs to which the authorization code has to be delivered. (URL for Supervisortools https://<SUPERVISORTOOL_SERVER_IP>:8443/umm/user/idsCallback)

    3. Click the '+' button on the right of the input field.

  6. Click the Add button to add the client.

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